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Services include but are not limited to:

Insects: Termites, Carpenter Ants, Roaches, Black Ants, Carpenter Bees, Hornets, Yellow jackets, Wasps, Fleas, Ticks, Bed Bugs, Millipedes, Sow bugs, Box Elder bugs, Fly's, animal trapping and more...


Mission Statement:  To out perform the competition in terms of customer service and satisfaction, by providing the quality pest control services that customers expect and deserve.

Keep your home or Business free of insects & rodents.
Licensed for both Residential & Commercial: Restaurants, Hotels, Multi-family homes, Stores, etc..........


Mission Statement:  To out perform the competition in terms of customer service and satisfaction, by providing the quality pest control services that customers expect and deserve.

Accelerated is fully licensed and insured to provide pest control services in both Residential homes and Commercial businesses. All work is fully guaranteed and includes a full warranty with no additional costs for any needed re-treatments.

Member of the New Jersey Pest Management Association.

Member of the National Pest Management Association.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know if my home has termites?

A: Your first sign is most likely going to be a termite “swarm”, where you will see a lot of “termites with wings” coming out of the wall. You may also find “mud tubes” going up the side of the all. I recommend getting you home inspected for termites by a professional at least once a year.

Q: Where do termites live and how do they enter my home?

A: Underground around you home. Termites can enter the structure through cracks in the foundation wall, although there are many ways they can enter.

Q: What has to be done to eliminate the termites from my home?

A: A chemical “barrier” in the soil has to be placed around your home. The termites crawl through the treated soil and get the chemical on their body and feet. They then transport the chemical back to the colony where they spread it around, thus eliminating the entire colony.

In cases where a chemical barrier is not suitable, termite “bait” will be planted in the soil around the structure. The termites bring the treated bait and bring it back to the colony, thus eliminating the entire colony.


Q: What are some of the signs of Carpenter Ant infestations?

A: You may find small piles of wood “sawdust” in a particular spot. You clean up the pile, and a few days later, the pile returns. That’s a sign that the ants are “boring” into the wood frame in the wall. Carpenter ants can also live in “voids” inside the wall. In that case you will not find any sawdust lying around.

Q: How do I tell the difference between a Carpenter Ant and a Pavement Ant?

A: Carpenter Ants are large black ants, where as pavement ants are very tiny.

Q: I only see 1 or 2 carpenter ants per day. Do I have a colony living in the wall of my home?

A: Yes. Seeing ants foraging for food is an indication of an ant infestation. Generally, carpenter ants live in trees, but if the tree is close to the home, ants can and do move into the home. A through inspection is needed both inside and outside.


Q: I see tiny black ants in my home. Are they doing any damage inside the wall?

A: No. Black ants don’t do any damage. They basically live inside the wall where the colony is reproducing and getting larger.


Q: Can cockroaches be totally eliminated from my home?

A: Yes. Once treated, most of the colony will be eliminated. After a “follow up” treatment, the remainder of them will be eliminated.

Q: What attracts mice to my home?

A: Many things can be a factor in attracting field mice into homes. Pet food is the main reason, but in winter months, warmth is also a contributing factor.

Q: How can I find out where mice are hiding in my home?

A: Normally, you can’t. Mice hide in very out of the way places when you physically cannot reach them. They come out at night in search of food, after which they go back into hiding. By placing bait over the entire structure, inside and out, mice will eat the bait and be eliminated.

Q: Will I have a foul stench if the mouse eats the bait and dies in my home?

A: Normally not, but it is possible. An odor eliminator can then be sprayed to eliminate the odor.


Q: Do rats infest homes?

A: Rats prefer to live outside, although they enter the home in search of food. They do sometimes nest in the attic, or basement of the home.


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